About the ANNA Service Bureau


Single-point Access to Global Identifiers

The ANNA Service Bureau (ASB) is a central data hub that has been collecting and enriching securities data from around the world since 2001. On a daily basis, the national numbering agencies feed new ISINs and CFIs as well as updates to existing data to the ASB.

The result is the most complete and current collection of ISINs and related data available in the world. This data is provided to the other numbering agencies, as well as non-members of ANNA such as financial services firms and financial data vendors.

The ASB was developed and is operated by ANNA partners CUSIP Global Services and SIX Financial Information.

For more information and contacts, please download this ASB information sheet. or visit the ASB website.

ASB Technical Committee

The ASB is supported and governed by the ASB Technical Committee. Its membership is comprised of three groups of representative — those elected by the ANNA membership, those appointed by the ANNA board and those appointed by the operators. Typical areas of concern of the ASB TC include technical challenges, NNA relations, strategic planning and operational issues.

The current ASB TC membership includes includes the following members:

Muhterem Çelik, Takasbank, Turkey

Elena Ulianova, NSD, Russia

Iztok Klemenc, KDD, Slovenia – ASB TC Vice Chair

Dan Kuhnel, Euroclear Bank – (ANNA Chairman)

Torsten Ulrich, WM Datenservice, Germany (ANNA Vice Chair)

Darren Purcell, CUSIP Global Services – ASB TC Chair

Charles Freda, CUSIP Global Services

Manuel Alonso, SIX Financial Information

Marc Honegger , SIX Financial Information


ASB Transition Committee

The overarching responsibility of the Transition Committee is to provide governance over all activities necessary to transition the current ASB to the ‘future state’ ASB. Areas of responsibility include ensuring deadlines for delivery are met, identifying impediments to development and development of solutions therefore, and monthly reporting to the ANNA Board. Membership is comprised as follows:

Project Manager/Convener
Stephan Dreyer                                              – ANNA

ASB Operators
Manuel Alonso                                                – SIX Financial

Marc Honegger                                               – SIX Financial

Charles Freda                                                  – CUSIP Global Services

Darren Purcell                                                 – CUSIP Global Services

ANNA Board
Laura Stanley                                                   – ANNA

Sarah Tarawneh                                              – ANNA

National Numbering Agency Representatives

Marcelina Konewka                                      – KDPW

Jean-Marc Schaeffer-Bornert                      – Clearstream

Houcine Iazzaouihda                                     – Maroclear

Vulincwala Nhlabatsi                                     – Eswatini Stock Exchange

Tilungile Ntshalintshali                                 – Eswatini Stock Exchange

Rosa Maria Fernandez Bombin                   – CNMV