Working Groups


Working Groups and Task Forces

Since its foundation in 1992 ANNA’s tasks have been growing constantly. In order to structure the work of all existing Task Forces, ANNA decided to categorize the existing Task Forces into two categories:

Working Groups (WG) and Task Forces (TF)

While WGs are permanent and looking into strategic matters, TFs should present their results to the General Meeting in a limited period.

At present three Working Groups are in operation.

WG1 (Assisting Markets)

Primarily assistance is given to the applicants of ANNA membership and partnership in all ANNA related matters as well as to new members and partners. Members of this WG are representatives of the four Substitute Numbering Agencies (CUSIP Global Services, SIX Financial Information, WM Datenservice and National Settlement Depository Russia).

WG2 (ISIN Quality and Guidelines)

This working group is focused on topics related to the guidance on ISIN allocation. The WG is also in charge of the periodical review of the ISIN allocation rules. All members are invited to contact the WG if they have basic questions/problems with regards to ISIN allocation. The WG has already developed several versions of the ISIN Guidelines that are provided through the ANNA website.

  • WG2 Subgroup (Digital Assets)
    This working is focused on topics related to the guidance on ISIN allocation for digital assets, in particular to the implementation of recommendations drafted by the Taskforce-TF22 (Technology) on digital tokens that are financial or referential instruments. The group is also responsible for concentrating on the distinct subject matter of digital tokens with regards to WG2 activities.


The ANNA ISIN:LEI Working Group, WG6, is responsible for reviewing matters related to the provision of an ISIN-LEI Link by the ASB to GLEIF as part of a cooperation established between ANNA and GLEIF in September 2018. In particular, the group serves as a forum for addressing practical questions around the ISIN-LEI Link and the creation and maintenance of the ISIN:LEI Link according to the Operational Protocol which should be followed by ANNA Members in the technical implementation and daily operations.

TF 21 (Benchmarks)

The focus of this newly formed task force is on improving coverage and data quality of ISINs for benchmarks. Benchmark Administrators interested to participate and contribute to this Task Force should contact the ANNA Secetariat at