Commonly used acronyms in ANNA-related matters and on this website:


ACG Asian CSD Group
ACSDA Americas’ Central Securities Depositories Association
AECSD Association of Eurasian CSDs
AGM Annual General Meeting
AGRA Advisory Group on Registration Authorities (ISO TC68)
AIFI ANNA Issuer & Fund Identifier
AII Alternative Instrument Identifier (for Futures & Options)
ALARG ANNA Latin America Regional Group
AMEDA African & Middle East Depositories Association
AMERG African & Middle East Regional Group (ANNA Regional Group)
ANNA Association of National Numbering Agencies
ANNA/TF20 ANNA Task Force 20 – Implementation of new standards (FISN & AIFI)
ANNA/WG1 ANNA Working Group 1 – Assisting Emerging Markets
ANNA/WG2 ANNA Working Group 2– ISIN Quality & Guidelines
ANNA/WG4 ANNA Working Group 4 – Emerging ANNA members
ANNA/WG5 ANNA Working Group 5 – Pre-LOU Group for LEI
APARG Asia Pacific Regional Group (ANNA Regional Group)
ASB ANNA Service Bureau
ASB TC ANNA Service Bureau Technical Committee
ASIFMA Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association
CAG Chairman’s Advisory Group (ISO TC68/SC4)
CD Circulated Draft (Standard)
CFI Classification of Financial Instruments (according to ISO 10962)
CFTC U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
CICI CFTC Interim Compliant Identifier
COU Central Operating Unit (related to LEI)
CSD Central Securities Depository
DIS Draft International Standard
ECB European Central Bank
ECSDA European Central Securities Depositories Association
EGM Extraordinary General Meeting
ESMA European Securities and Markets Authority
FDIS Final Draft International Standard
FESE Federation of European Stock Exchanges
FISN Financial Instrument Short Name (according to ISO 18774)
FSA Financial Services Authority (UK Regulator)
FSB Financial Stability Board
GFMA Global Financial Markets Association
GIAM Global ISIN Access Mechanism (predecessor of the ASB until 2001)
GLEIF Global LEI Foundation
GLEIS Global LEI System
GMEI Global Markets Entity Identifier (new name for former CICI)
ICMA International Capital Markets Association
ICSD International Central Securities Depositary (Euroclear/Clearstream)
IGI Issuer & Guarantor Identifier (according to ISO 16372)
ISIN International Securities Identification Number (according to ISO 6166)
ISITC International Securities Association for Institutional Trade
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISO 6166 ISIN Standard reference number
ISO 10383 MIC Standard reference number
ISO 10962 CFI Standard reference number
ISO 16372 IGI Standard reference number
ISO 17442 Legal Entitiy Identifier- Standard reference number
ISO 18773 Abbreviations (relevant for ISO 18774) — Standard reference number
ISO 18774 Financial Instrument Short Name – Standard reference number
ISO CS ISO Central Secretariat
ISO TC68 ISO Technical Committee 68 (Financial services)
ISO TC68/SC4 ISO TC 68 Sub-Committee 4 (Securities and related financial instruments)
ISO TC68/SC4/WG1 ISO Working Group undertaking the ISO 6166 revision
ISO TC68/SC4/WG6 ISO Working Group undertaking the ISO 10962 revision
ISO TC68/SC4/WG8 ISO Working Group undertaking preparation of the IGI standard
ISO TC68/SC4/WG14 ISO Working Group undertaking the ISO 18773/18774 review
LEI / Pre LEI Legal Entity Identifier / Pre Legal Entity Identifier
LoU Letter of Understanding between ANNA and each NNA
LOU Local Operating Unit (related to LEI)
NNA National Numbering Agency
NWI New Work Item (for an ISO Standard)
MA References the ISO Maintenance Agency for a particular Standard
MIC Market Identifier Code (according to ISO 10383)
MiFID Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (European Regulation)
OMG Object Management Group
PSPG FSB LEI Private Sector Preparatory Group
RA References the ISO Registration Authority for a particular Standard
RAND Reasonable And Non Discriminatory (principle for RA terms by ISO)
ROC Regulatory Oversight Committee for the LEI System
SAG Standards Advisory Group
SIFMA Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association
SLLA Service Level License Agreement between ANNA and the ASB Operators
(replaced by the new “Agreement for the provision of services”)
SNA Substitute Numbering Agency
STP Straight-Through-Processing


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