Requirements for ANNA membership and partnership

As first step all applicants would become Partner of ANNA and would have to follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Regulator’s Authorization

The first step for the partnership in ANNA is the official authorization of the national Regulator to become the countries’ sole National Numbering Agency.

2. Information to be provided to ANNA

The next step would be the provision of information on some market related matters:

2.1 Which types of financial instruments exist in the market (Equities, Bonds, etc.?)
2.2 How many instruments of each type exist?
2.3 Beside listed securities, are there also unlisted securities? If yes, some information on the number and types of these securities should be provided.
2.4 If a national numbering system already exists in the applicant’s country, a short description of it would be appreciated. The only limitation for a code to be used as basis for the ISIN would be that it must not have more than 9 digits. The actual version of ISO 6166 (ISIN) is for orientation.
2.5 Provision of a complete list of all securities existing in the applicant’s market (ideally an Excel file with issuer name, issue description and – if it exists – also the national code).

3. Formal requirements

3.1 National Numbering Agencies applying for ANNA Partnership need to complete the Partnership Agreement. After completion, two copies of the Partnership Agreement have to be sent to the ANNA Secretariat for signature by the Board after the voting at the General Meeting.
3.2 The following General Meeting will then vote on the application.
3.3 After a period of two operational years the ANNA Partner should transfer to full membership status. An application form as well as two signed copies of the Letter of Understanding will have to be sent for voting at a General Meeting. After positive voting, two invoices will be issued: one for the initial membership fees (2.500 Euro) as well as the annual membership fees for the current year (pro rata).

The hand-over of the numbering function from the SNA will be organized in a defined process after the General Meeting’s consent to the application for partnership in ANNA.