Members Rights and Obligations


ANNA Members’ Rights

  • Right to vote and to speak at ordinary or extraordinary General Meetings
  • Right to vote on ANNA and ASB Board Elections and being eligible for position on the Boards
  • Voting on the annual accounts
  • Right to inspect the annual accounts
  • Participate in working groups / task forces
  • Power of investigation and supervision of independent auditors
  • Request an extraordinary General meetings (by at least one fifth of the membership)

ANNA Members’ Obligations

ANNA articles

  • Accept and follow “Articles of Incorporation”
  • Sign and follow the “Letter of Understanding”
  • Participate in Annual General Meeting (personally or in exceptional cases by Power of Attorney)

ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) allocation

  • Promote ISO Standard 6166:2013 (ISIN) in our area of responsibility
  • Allocate ISINs for all security types, listed and unlisted, in their area of responsibility according to ISO 6166:2013 and the latest version of ISIN guidelines.
  • Disseminate ISINs to the local and international securities industry as well as to other ANNA members.
  • Follow the ISIN Quality Management Concept (actual version on ANNA website under “ANNA Policy”)

CFI (Classification of financial instruments) allocation

  • Implement and allocate CFI code according to ISO Standard 10962:2015 and CFI guidelines

FISN (Financial Instrument Short Name) allocation

  • Implement and allocate FISN code according to ISO Standard 18774:2015 taking into consideration the document FISN Q & A and the latest version of the FISN abbreviation list

ANNA financials

Initial fee (one-time):

  • EUR 1.250 for one share in ANNA
    EUR 1.250 participation in administrative expenses
  • Annual fees:
    Fees are subject to decision by General Meeting
    (currently: EUR 4,000)

ANNA Service Bureau (ASB)

  • Provide ISIN master file to ASB within 1 month after having been accepted by the General Meeting as member
  • Provide quarterly updates of ISIN master file to ASB
  • Provide daily updates to ASB either via Internet input facilities ( or FTP file transfer in the agreed ISIN record structure format
  • Using ASB product line as communication platform and vehicle for dissemination of ISIN data to all other ANNA members and other connected parties (data vendors etc.)
  • Give Power of Attorney to ANNA Board of Directors for signing license agreements with data vendors and other parties (e.g. end-users and service centers)