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ANNA (the “Association of National Numbering Agencies”) is a global industry association, with a presence in excess of 120 countries, comprising a membership of central banks, central securities depositories, data vendors, regulators and stock exchanges.

Mission Statement


ANNA is a standards` hub with the objective of full coverage of all financial instruments required by global market standards and participants.

We proactively promote, implement and maintain standards for entities and related financial instruments and make related information available in a uniform and accurate structure for the benefit of the global financial markets as a whole.

We are committed to providing actionable global ID and reference data and services in best possible quality to global market stakeholders, including Regulators, to uniquely identify, classify and describe entities and financial instruments.

Our globally federated model uniquely positions us as the leading association leveraging local market expertise to deliver consistent financial standards worldwide.


  1. Globally develop and promote standards under  ANNA’s control
  2. Commit to work for the benefit of the financial industry
  3. Codify, classify and make data accessible and available to industry participants
  4. Contribute to the ISO Standards development  process
  5. Ensure timeliness, accuracy and quality in the application of standards
  6. Fulfil our obligations as an ISO Registration Authority for the ISIN (ISO 6166) and FISN (ISO 18774) Standards