DSB Product Committee


Overseeing Definitions, Data Requirements and Taxonomies

The DSB Product Committee is an industry group that works beside the board of the Derivatives Service Bureau. Continuing the work of the ISO study group tasked with defining the ISIN for OTC Derivatives, the Product Committee oversees the definitions of a broad range of OTC derivatives and how they translate into data requirements for allocation of these identifiers.  They also support the development and inclusion of descriptive taxonomies used to identify OTC derivatives.

Minutes of the meetings of the Product Committee are posted at the bottom of ths page.

The committee is comprised of a balanced group of experts from firms that are subject to the regulatory requirement to report OTC derivative transactions — buyside, sellside and trading venues. The names of the current committee and more detailed information on their role in the Derivatives Service Bureau can be found in the resources listed on this page.

The product committee is also engaged in open industry consultations to determine parameters and direction of their work. More information on these consultations can be found, as they are launched, in the Consultation pages of this section.

For more information about the Product Committee, the Derivatives Service Bureau and the ISIN for OTC derivatives, please visit the News section on this website.

Meeting minutes:

DSB Product Committee DSB ISDA Taskforce DSB Commodities Taskforce
Meeting of 5 December 2016
Meeting of 12 June 2017 Meeting of 6 July  2017
Meeting of 13 December 2016
Meeting of 19 June 2017 Meeting of 13 July 2017
 Meeting of 11 January 2017 Meeting  of 26 June 2017 Minutes of 20 July 2017
 Meeting_of 17 January 2017 Meeting of 5 July 2017
 Meeting of 24 January 2017 Meeting  of 10 July 2017
 Meeting of 31 January 2017 Meeting of 17 July 2017
 Meeting of 7 February 2017 Meeting of 24 July 2017
 Meeting of 14 February 2017 Meeting of 31 July 2017
 Meeting of 21 February 2017 Meeting of 7 August 2017
 Meeting of 28 February 2017
 Meeting of 7 March 2017
 Meeting of 14 March 2017
 Meeting of 21 March 2017
 Meeting of 28 March 2017
 Meeting of 4 April 2017
 Meeting of 11 April 2017
 Meeting of 18 April 2017
 Meeting of 25 April 2017
 Meeting of 2 May 2017
 Meeting of 9 May 2017
 Meeting of 16 May 2017
 Meeting of 23 May 2017
 Meeting of 30 May 2017
 Meeting of 6 June 2017
 Meeting of 13 June 2017
 Meeting of 27 June 2017
 Meeting of 4 July 2017
 Meeting of 11 July 2017
 Meeting of 18 July 2017
 Meeting of 25 July 2017
 Meeting of 1 August 2017