DSB Consultation – Fee Model


This open industry consultation addresses the proposed fee model for the numbering agency services of the ANNA Derivatives Service Bureau.

Launching the feedback period, the consultation paper and annex document were published on 9 January 2017.

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DSB Fee Model Consultation Paper

Please send responses to DSB-FM-Secretariat@etradingsoftware.com.

This consultation closed on 6 February 2017.

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Final Report for DSB Fee Model Consultation

Public responses are listed below by date of receipt and respondent(s) with links to PDF files:

13-Jan-2017 Anonymous 1

03-Feb-2017 Bloomberg

03-Feb-2017 BVI

06-Feb-2017 SGM

06-Feb-2017 Anonymous 2

06-Feb-2017 StateStreet

06-Feb-2017 ISDA-GFXD

06-Feb-2017 Anonymous 3

06-Feb-2017 Anonymous 4 (no pdf file submitted): Support ISDA’s response

07-Feb-2017 NEX