DSB Consultation – Fee Model 2


This open industry consultation addressed unresolved issues in the proposed fee model, including simplification of the fee model, disposition of annual excess revenues and free access to the OTC ISIN archive. In addition, further details of the cost-recovery bases of the start-up and operational phases were presented.

Launching the feedback period, the consultation paper was published here on 2 May 2017.

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DSB Consultation Paper – Fee Model 2

The DSB hosted a webinar on the proposed final fee model on 15 May 2017.

Responses to the second fee model consultation could be sent to the secretariat@ANNA-DSB.com until the consultation closed on 31 May 2017.  Responses are published below with attribution, unless anonymity was requested.

After consideration of the industry responses, the DSB will publish a final report on 28 June 2017.

Public responses are listed below by date of receipt and respondent(s) with links to PDF files:

22-May-2017 CAPI

24-May-2017 Bloomberg

26-May-2017 OeKB

29-May-2017 SIX Group

30-May-2017 CSCS Nigeria

30-May-2017 BVI

30-May-2017 Anonymous1

30-May-2017 CDCP

31-May-2017 Anonymous2

31-May-2017 KDPW

31-May-2017 State Street

31-May-2017 ISDA