Members Rights and Obligations


ANNA Members’ Rights

  • Right to vote and to speak at ordinary or extraordinary General Meetings
  • Right to vote on ANNA and ASB Board Elections and being eligible for position on the Boards
  • Voting on the annual accounts
  • Right to inspect the annual accounts
  • Participate in working groups / task forces
  • Power of investigation and supervision of independent auditors
  • Request an extraordinary General meetings (by at least one fifth of the membership)

ANNA Members’ Obligations

ANNA articles and ISIN allocation

  • Accept and follow “Articles of Incorporation”
  • Sign and follow the “Letter of Understanding”
  • Participate in Annual General Meeting (personally or in exceptional cases by Power of Attorney)
  • Promote ISO Standard 6166 (ISIN) in our area of responsibility
  • Allocate ISIN´s for all security types, listed and unlisted, in their area of responsibility according to ISO 6166 and the latest version of ISIN guidelines.
  • Disseminate ISIN´s to the local and international securities industry as well as to other ANNA members.
  • Follow the ISIN Quality Management Concept (actual version on ANNA website under “ANNA Policy”)

ANNA financials

Initial fee (one-time):

  • EUR 1.250 for one share in ANNA
    EUR 1.250 participation in administrative expenses
  • Annual fees:
    Fees are subject to decision by General Meeting
    (currently: EUR 4,000)

ANNA Service Bureau (ASB)

Provide ISIN master file to ASB within 1 month after having been accepted by the General Meeting as member
Provide daily updates to ASB either via Internet input facilities ( or FTP file transfer in the agreed ISIN record structure format
Using ASB product line as communication platform and vehicle for dissemination of ISIN data to all other ANNA members and other connected parties (data vendors etc.)
Give Power of Attorney to ANNA Board of Directors for signing license agreements with data vendors and other parties (e.g. end-users and service centers)

CFI (Classification of financial instruments)

Implement and allocate CFI-Code according to ISO Standard 10962 and CFI guidelines

FISN (Financial Instrument Short Name)

Implement and allocate FISN-Code according to ISO Standard 18774 taking into consideration the document FISN Q & A and the latest version of the FISN abbreviation list